Fine Arts

The school’s Fine Arts Center features a 500-seat theater, band and choir halls, individual practice rooms, and an art studio.

The fine arts program at Prince of Peace cultivates interest and talent in theatre, art, music, design and performance.  Our staff is comprised of dedicated artists and teachers that are committed to nurturing and advancing the skills of every student.  Numerous class offerings, competitions and performance participation give our students the opportunity to explore their potential in a Christian environment of mentorship and support. Prince of Peace fine art students become life-long contributors and supporters to the arts.

The POPCS Fine Arts Center is one of the finest facilities in the area and features a contemporary 500-seat theater, band and choir halls, individual practice rooms, art studios and galleries.  Prince of Peace Christian School also has an after-school Arts School that provides individualized training and lessons in art, music and theatre.


Some Fine Arts classes offered include:
  • Choirs (1st through 5th, Middle, High School)
  • Beginner Band (6th Grade)
  • Intermediate Band (7th & 8th Grade)
  • High School Band (9th-12th Grades)
  • Middle School Drama I & II
  • High School Drama
  • High School Tech I-IV
  • High School Performing Arts I-IV
  • Film Appreciation
  • Theatre
  • Musical Theatre
  • Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Stage Tech